Freight Forwarders Transformed

Introducing our next-generation Modern Operating System (MOS) for Freight Forwarders

Drowning in spreadsheets/emails? Get in control and unlock your business's growth potential with FR8Labs' Freight Forwarding Software

Before FR8Labs

Within this mess, all it takes is one shipment to be missed to incur massive demurrage / detention charges. That’s why most forwarders struggle to grow without sacrificing service quality.

A cluttered desk with various forms of communication and data management tools before the implementation of Fr8labs' freight forwarding software. One-screen solution of Fr8labs software, simplifying multiple freight forwarding tasks.

With FR8Labs

Say goodbye to shipping nightmares! With FR8Labs as your “co-pilot,” all your information is in one place, and you’ll know exactly which shipments / tasks to prioritize. Scale your business up to 5x with the same team.

Transform the way you work and gain a competitive edge through an Integrated SaaS solution

FR8Labs provides a practical freight forwarder solution that offers you all the modules that you need, without the trappings of overly complicated features that you may not need, but end up paying for. Primary freight forwarding software functions are delivered through the core platform with additional advanced solutions that are optional, depending on your business needs.

Full Fledged Forwarder System Out of the Box

Quotations, Booking Confirmations, Shipment Operations and Invoicing all in One Freight Forwarding Software Package, out of the box and intelligently inter-linked to reduce repetitive entry.

Comprehensive Integrated Cloud Accounting Module

Fully integrated accounting module that has all the features you are familiar with from any classic cloud accounting platform, and more!

Adaptable Shipping Document Creation

Generate all shipping documents that you need for your operational needs.

Fr8bot, “Robot Assistant”

“Robot – Assistant” For Shipments; Task engine, intelligent alerts & automation

Communication Hub

Integrate emails & documents to every shipment unlike any other Freight Forwarding Software

Fr8bot is getting a Generative AI Upgrade. Join our waitlist now to be the first to experience a true “co-pilot” experience!

Fr8labs Freight Forwarding Software AI fr8bot efficiently automates data entry for freight forwarders

Run further ahead of the pack with our advanced solutions as add ons. Unleash unprecedented levels of automation & efficiency.

Customer Portal

Allow customers to directly interface digitally with forwarders (either through APIs or directly with white-labeled portals)

Advanced Visibility Only When You Need It

Apply advanced visibility only to shipments needing in-depth monitoring; Fr8labs basic milestone visibility takes care of the rest.

Carrier Rate Management & Booking

Connect directly to carriers for schedules, booking and rates to enhance your ability to serve your customers in the most effective way.

Partner Ecosystem

Add WMS, Purchase Order Management, 4PL control tower capabilities through our network of partners, seamlessly integrated through APIs.

more innovations & add ons to come, as we are just getting started…

The New Normal Means Digitization

This comes with having a Freight Forwarding Software like us to deliver on expectations like:

  • Sharing data electronically with everyone involved in the supply chain for any particular shipment at any given moment in time
  • Using AI to enhance human decision making in routing and general operations
  • Seamlessly and easily integrating the freight forwarder’s system with customers and vendors
  • Helping shippers forecast their logistics needs to control costs and ensure capacity.
Container ship on ocean, coordinated by SME forwarder with Fr8labs software.

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game with our Freight Forwarding Software


Percent increase in overall business


Hours saved manually processing documents


increase in ops speed. Turbocharge your operations.