Core – Communication Hub

Communication Hub to ensure everyone is on the same page with each shipment

Within each job, and at every stage of the shipment (quotation-to-booking-to-shipment), the communication hub (email-docs-change log) lets users know the full context of each shipment, even if it’s they have just gotten the shipment handed over to them to follow up.

Link Emails with Ease

  • All emails initiated from Fr8Labs platform are auto-tagged to the shipment (if a customer replies to the same email, Fr8Labs will auto-tag it to the shipment).
  • If customers send a fresh email, users just need to link the email once to the shipment for the first time. All replies will be tagged once again.
  • *Coming Soon* Utilizing AI to help recommend tagging to shipments based on email contents.

Automated Document Storage

  • All documents created in the platform or attached to the email, will be automatically uploaded to the doc center. Users need not worry about filing documents into respective folders again.

Full Changelog

  • Never get mixed up when collaborating with others by referencing the version control available in the changelog
  • Full Audit Trail and ability to revert changes are managed via access control ensuring that sensitive information is only visible to those who need to see it.

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