Customer Portal

Engage your customers digitally through your own portal

  • Extend your sales channel online & become an Online-to-Offline Integrated Forwarder
  • Build a straight-through-processing workflow for customers who are ready to interact digitally
  • Give customers the flexibility to get updates online

White-label the portal according to your own brand name and identity

  • Adjust the customer portal according to your brand identity via your logo, theme and URL
  • Embed the portal directly into your own website

Get ahead of the curve in customer adoption by combining the customer portal with our Fr8bot Generative AI capability

  • By enabling customers to speak to Fr8bot using natural language (or even voice recordings), increase the rate of adoption of your digital interface with customers
  • Fr8bot can help your customers create inquiries, shipments, give updates on customer specific documents and also help your customer navigate their orders with you to get updates and access their history
  • Fr8bot is always designed to be a “co-pilot” to your users, but in the case of a customer portal, can be used to drive exceptions it cannot handle to your customer service team instead of the customer itself

Explore Other Advanced Add-On Solutions

Advanced Visibility Only When You Need It

Apply advanced visibility only to shipments needing in-depth monitoring; Fr8labs basic milestone visibility takes care of the rest.

Carrier Rate Management & Booking

Connect directly to carriers for schedules, booking and rates to enhance your ability to serve your customers in the most effective way.

Partner Ecosystem

Add WMS, Purchase Order Management, 4PL control tower capabilities through our network of partners, seamlessly integrated through APIs.

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