Pricing Model

Value-for-money pricing for Freight Forwarders.

Pay only for what you need. Differentiate yourself by adding on modules that are relevant to your customers.

Core Platform
(charged as / user / month)

  • Inclusive of all modules in core platform (including our complimentary cloud accounting module)
  • Transparent Pricing: We have no hidden fees – you won’t find any server costs, setup fees, or extra charges for adding your templates to our adaptable shipping documents feature, and our customer support comes at no additional cost. support.
  • Scalability at Your Fingertips: Our platform allows you to effortlessly scale your operations. You can conveniently add or remove users to match your evolving business needs on a monthly basis.

Advanced Solutions
(charged as / module / month)

  • Choose from our suite of advanced solution add-ons to tailor-fit the platform to your unique business requirements, thereby offering a personalized service experience to your customers.
  • Revamp your capabilities easily; enhancing your forwarding prowess has never been more straightforward! Say goodbye to the long, arduous months of IT project management typically needed to integrate new vendor capabilities. With Fr8labs, our add-on modules are designed for seamless integration, facilitating effortless upgrades.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Fr8labs cost?

Fr8labs’ pricing is dynamic and primarily depends on the size of your team, the subscription duration, the range of additional features you intend to include, and the agreed payment terms. As you scale up the number of users, extend the subscription duration, or opt for longer payment intervals, you can unlock significant cost savings with Fr8labs.

We are always available to discuss your specific requirements and collaborate on crafting a mutually beneficial pricing plan. Contact our team today to explore your options.

Is my data secure?

At Fr8labs, we recognize that your data is the lifeblood of your Freight Forwarding operations, and your trust is our highest priority. Safeguarding your data, ensuring its privacy, and maintaining its security is a commitment we take to heart.

The data housed in your Fr8labs account belongs solely to you – we are just the custodians. It remains inaccessible to others and will never be commoditized or sold.

Moreover, all user data is securely stored in the Amazon cloud server. Utilizing SSL security, our databases are encrypted, bolstered by Amazon’s world-class firewalls. This ensures that your data is not only secure but is also housed in a robust and stable environment.

What's the process once we decide to proceed with Fr8labs?

We appreciate the complexity of transitioning systems, especially for forwarders reliant on legacy software. Once you decide to partner with Fr8labs, rest assured that you’ll receive dedicated support from our customer success team who will guide you through every step, ensuring you derive the maximum value from our platform.

Data Migration: Transitioning from your current system to ours is seamless with our comprehensive support. Our expert team is fully equipped to provide advice and assistance on data extraction from your existing platforms and ensure a smooth transfer to ours. Once your data is prepped, uploading it into our platform is straightforward and effortless.

Change Management: We understand the importance of adapting to a new system. That’s why we offer virtual training sessions tailored to your team’s needs to ensure effective use of our platform. Beyond initial training, our commitment to your success includes ongoing online support for any future queries or concerns.

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