Advanced Visibility Only When You Need It

Real-Time End to End Tracking

Stay intimately up to date with real time shipping alerts, and share all tracking data with stakeholders.

Gain insights into predictive ETAs of your customers’ shipments and manage all exceptions pre-emptively. Access additional data points and detailed milestone tracking.

Proactively Manage Shipments Through Exception Alerts and Notifications

Get exception alerts whenever vessels actual activity are different from planned milestones. Set AIS-powered geofences to trigger notifications about your shipments faster than carrier notifications.

Upgrade for Advanced Visibility Only When You Need It

Gain access to Advanced AI driven track and trace for your shipments with the click of a button; Apply it only to shippers or shipments that require more detailed tracking, whilst managing the remainder of shipments with our basic Fr8labs milestone visibility.

Explore Other Advanced Add-On Solutions

Customer Portal

Allow customers to directly interface digitally with forwarders (either through APIs or directly with white-labeled portals)

Carrier Booking & Rate Management

Connect directly to carriers for schedules, booking and rates to enhance your ability to serve your customers in the most effective way.

Partner Ecosystem

Add WMS, Purchase Order Management, 4PL control tower capabilities through our network of partners, seamlessly integrated through APIs.

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