Core – Adaptable Shipping Docs

Adaptable Shipping Documents, Catered to your Business’s Design

Experience the power of adaptability with Fr8Labs’ unique approach to shipping documentation. Unlike conventional platforms offering fixed templates, we’ve designed ours to embrace the unique needs of each freight forwarder.

Adaptable Document Templates

  • Our “Adaptable Document Templates” feature allows for tenant-specific documents and logic, meaning your templates can evolve with your operational needs different from others. With this innovative feature, you’re not just filling out a document, but shaping it to your specific workflow.
  • During the onboarding process, our customer success team will engage with you to design your respective document templates adapted to your needs. At Fr8Labs, we make the system work for you, not the other way around.

Make Edits to Documents on the Fly

  • Instead of messing up your masterdata to suit specific party records (e.g banks might have a different cosmetic spelling for your partners), make cosmetic edits directly on the fly.
  • Keep all edits within our document center automatically for full traceability of records (see: communication hub)

Digital Signing Embedded

  • Enable digital signatures to shipping documents to reduce paperwork, manual processing and administrative tasks (e.g record keeping)
  • Be “e-BL” / “e-Shipping Documents” ready from a digital infrastructure perspective

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