Carrier Rate Management & Booking

Pull rates from various carriers with the click of a button

  • View rates from multiple carriers in a single view
  • Add rates to quotations seamlessly

Book and send shipping instructions to Carriers Directly

  • After confirming all relevant details on the quotation, make bookings & send shipping instructions directly to carriers within Fr8lab’s platform; No longer go through the hassle of recording a job in your freight platform and then having to go to a carrier website to replicate the same information

Adding Carrier Coverage is a breeze

  • Features described above are subject to carrier coverage
  • Check with us on current coverage, and share your carriers that need to be connected. Leave the rest to us to do the hard work on your behalf.

Explore Other Advanced Add-On Solutions

Customer Portal

Allow customers to directly interface digitally with forwarders (either through APIs or directly with white-labeled portals)

Advanced Visibility Only When You Need It

Apply advanced visibility only to shipments needing in-depth monitoring; Fr8labs basic milestone visibility takes care of the rest.

Partner Ecosystem

Add WMS, Purchase Order Management, 4PL control tower capabilities through our network of partners, seamlessly integrated through APIs.

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